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Wow! Who knew how quickly 20 years could go?

In January 2001, I decided to start a tax and accounting practice that looked like one where I would want to work. 

Since I had two kids at home who were just starting grade school, it would be a practice where family is respected and cherished. And I wanted a practice that operated in a new way, which meant everything different, including the name. 

And so, XPonent Group was born.

Fast-forward 20 years. Some of the staff is different, but we’ve remained true to our family values—which included bringing my son Kyle into the business seven years ago. I’ve been blessed to raise two wonderful sons together with my husband Jerry, and to have enjoyed such great friendships with so many people.

So many of the clients we served at the beginning have remained with us, and I’m proud of the multi-generations of families we’ve had the privilege to serve over the years. I’ve cherished, and will continue to cherish, all the professional and personal relationships that are at the heart of XPonent Group.

From Kyle, Scherri and myself, thank you to everyone that’s been a part of our first two decades. You’re the ones that have made this such a great 20 years.