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Client Spotlight - Sue Reardon - Suite Spotte

Our Client Spotlight Series features casual, interview style conversations with XPonent Group business clients. This spotlight features Sue Reardon, Owner of Suite Spotte. Enjoy!

Tell me a little about your business, Suite Spotte?

Suite Spotte LLC is a suburban Chicago coworking business with two locations. We opened our doors in our La Grange location on December 2, 2014, as the first coworking space in the near west suburbs. Our Forest Park location followed in August 2017. 

Our tag line is “The Go-To-Grow Workplace.” That statement sums up everything. With a business coaching background working with small business owners, I saw firsthand how easy it is to get off track when working from home. It’s amazing how often instead of focusing on your work, the dirty laundry or a closet in need of a quick decluttering can become a top priority tempting you from what you really should be doing. Hulu, Netflix and all the other streaming services add to many distractions that can find their way into your workday.

The distractions are always mentioned when people initially come to tour Suite Spotte. However, an even bigger reason people cowork with us is the Suite Spotter community. Isolation is a common issue for small business owners and remote workers. Having the opportunity to turn to someone to ask a quick question or to develop supportive relationships similar to those found in a traditional business office, without the politics, is priceless.

We’ve seen the personal and professional growth occur from the Suite Spotter community relationships. Collaborations resulting from two members meeting at Suite Spotte and then coming together and launching a new product; inspiring discussions and learning opportunities that have resulted in growth beyond what could have been achieved on their own. I hear these comments all the time from our members when they talk about Suite Spotte to new or prospective members.

How did you meet Catherine?

I’ve known Catherine since 2007 when I met her at a West Suburban Women Entrepreneurs event. Right from our first meeting, I knew this was a businessperson that I wanted…actually, needed…to know. And I was right!

What were some of the accounting related pain points you were experiencing prior to working with XPonent Group?

Everyone has certain strengths that contribute to their success. I learned a long time ago that if I applied my unique strengths to my business and sought others with the strengths I needed but did not possess, then my business would thrive. And it has. The expertise offered by XPonent Group under Catherine’s leadership was exactly what we needed at Suite Spotte. Working with XPonent Group allows me to do what I do best and reap the benefits of what they do best. Everybody wins!

How did XPonent Group’s advisory services help your business?

When you have a resource that you can count on, and you know they know what they are doing, that gives you peace of mind. XPonent Group gives me the peace of mind to know that my reporting, taxes, etc., are handled in the correct manner and in the best way for my business. 

What has been the biggest advantage for you personally or professionally since working with the firm?

It’s about trust. I know that I can trust XPonent Group to advise me on what I need and what I should do. It’s about having a relationship with a leader who is also a business owner and gets it. Catherine does not just have a vast knowledge about accounting and finance, but she’s a savvy business owner too. Her perspective goes beyond the numbers into a broader business aspect. Knowing that I can call her for feedback or to bounce ideas is critical when you are building a business. I’m not in it alone, and that’s important. Oh, and she also has a sense of humor that I absolutely love!